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Little beetle

I discovered my interest in music and more specifically in the guitar in the early 1990s. Listening to artists such as Guns N Roses, Jimi Hendrix, Red Hot Chili Peppers, or Rage Against the Machine, unleashed a desire to understand where these sounds I loved so much were coming from.

I spent some years learning the guitar during private lessons. I chose to make it my job. I decided then to go and improve my practice of the instrument and the knowledge of music by studying two years at the Music Academy International of Nancy. Aged 18, I left the lagoons of Tahiti and French Polynesia, where I was living, for the continental climate of eastern France. That time of intense study allowed me to meet and exchange with prestigious speakers such as, among others, Paul Gilbert, Shawn Lane, Ron Thal, Michael Kamen. I could also develop my musical openness, especially in the direction of classical music, jazz and blues, enriching primordial metal and rock.


My musical studies completed, I then decided to come and settle in Nantes, France, where I am from.

A life in music

Since then, I have traveled musically within different artistic projects, in various styles, from pop-rock-electro to bossa nova, through heavy metal, hip-hop, variety or music for children.


My passion for music allows me to meet artists and musicians of all sensitivities, each meeting bringing its share of wealth.


In addition to my musician activities, I developed a teaching practice based on the pleasure of the practice and the tastes of the student. This occupation is exercised in music schools and in private lessons. The topics covered a large range from guitar practice to music theory, including composition and Computer Aided Music.


This passion for transmission also led me to write several guitar methods, around metal music. These works are published by the famous publisher of musical educational content Play Music Publishing.


Vintage Mic

A little further ...

The various meetings gave me the opportunity to compose original music for short movies, communication (Point P, Saunier Duval, Thelem ...), live performance ...


Always eager to progress and aware that it is necessary to be experienced in different areas to improve and progress, my path led me to participate in different professional training: Recording and mixing, Music applied to the image, Course Accelerator (experimental training within Trempolino - Nantes - on administration in the music industry, copyright, legislation, communication ...), Management course at the CCI in Nantes ...


I was also a transcriptionist for the company Arobase Music, developer of the famous Guitar Pro software.





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